Market Notebook


Global equities were mixed during the last week while U.S. equities and the bond complex generally retreated with increased volatility. Bonds appear to be in a continued downward trend.

The stimulus package working its way through congress appeared to clear additional hurdles over the weekend thus making passage mostly assured. The size of the package has not changed appreciably and therefore volatility surrounding passage seems likely to be minor as market participant expectations have mostly been met.

During the coming week, market participants will likely be looking to bonds for signs of consolidation and thus a halt of the downward trend. If bonds fail to consolidate, then downward pressure could continue on both bonds and equities.

Over the longer term, a theme worth exploring is likely to be Artificial Intelligence. AI is poised to remake the business landscape. Expect companies that embrace AI and that have a coherent AI strategy to make outsized gains against competitors.


Cory Haupt

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