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Equities Push Higher While Bonds Remain Flat

Last week equities pushed higher while the bond complex was mostly flat. Price action seems to indicate that equity investors are shrugging off risk concerns while bond market participants are expecting the Fed to hold pat or cut rates in the near future.

Leading Economic Index Declines in June

The Conference Board’s Leading Economic Index or LEI for the U.S. declined in June on the heels of a flat reading in May. The LEI is the single most important economic indicator followed in this notebook. A decrease on the heels of a flat reading is notable. As a reminder, if the LEI were to record three consecutive months of declines, that situation would indicate a high level of concern regarding economic conditions.

Keep Your Online Accounts Safe

On a personal finance note, consider checking out the following web site: The site will tell you if any of your online accounts has ever been discovered as part of a data breach. Additionally, you can check to see if any password you use has been discovered as part of a data breach. If one is using a password that is on the list, it may be a good idea to change that password and discontinue use of the breached password.

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