Market Notebook


Both equities and bonds pulled back on the week.

The Conference Board’s Leading Economic Index increased in December. Widespread strength in index components suggest the real economy in the U.S. continues to recover.

The short squeeze in Game Stop shares, ticker GME, continues to play out. It’s an interesting diversion and how the squeeze gets resolved will be written about in the financial media for weeks on end. Eventually, shares of GME are likely to retreat to reflect the economic fundamentals of the company, but in the short run, it’s anyone’s guess as to how far shares can be pushed before the gravity of company fundamentals takes hold and the share price returns to earth.

The monthly employment report will be released on Friday of the coming week. Expect the potential for choppy trading as economic data, the GME squeeze, and the continuing struggle to escape the grasp of COVID plays out in the U.S. over the next week.



Cory Haupt

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