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If you are not satisfied with our performance, then don’t pay us. Seriously. Within 30 days of receiving an invoice, let us know our services were not worth it and we will refund your advisory fees for the invoiced period. Simple as that.

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No long term commitment or tie up period.

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We are compensated for our services as a percentage of the assets we manage. When you do better we do better. Our interests are mutually aligned. Furthermore, fees are transparent and are typically automatically deducted from your account.

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Access to an advisor, online account access, quarterly performance reports, access to our weekly research and commentary, and virtual meetings. All things to make your life just a little easier and our service better.

Funding an Education

A common goal for many investors is assisting with the funding of education expenses for themselves, children, grand-children, relatives, or occasionally acquaintances. Reviewing one’s own plan and integrating an education funding goal into that plan can be a very rewarding exercise.

Prominent vehicles used to invest for education expenses are 529 plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. EdVest, Wisconsin’s 529 plan can provide both state and federal tax advantages to qualified individuals such as Wisconsin residents. Certain state tax advantages may not be available to non-residents. A Coverdell ESA is similar to a 529 in that it allows investments to grow federal tax-deferred. Some differences include contribution limits and the fact that money in an ESA may be used to fund primary or secondary education expenses.

C.R. Haupt LLC stands ready to assist with integrating education funding goals into your investment plan.

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Funding an Education

Education is perhaps the most valuable and worthwhile gift one person can give to another. Let’s make your gift count.